NFTs made accessible

Diversify your portfolio buying or selling share of NFTs

Quantization lets you fractionalise and list, trade liquid fractions, buy price validated NFTs, in just 1-click powered by the first NFT-native vAMM.

Beta: Launching Nov 2022. Participate and earn QNTX tokens

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With today's infrastructure NFTs are illiquid, inaccessible to most, delivering a fraction of their value to creators, collectors and the whole ecosystem.


of NFTs volume are driven by less than 0.1% of projects


of users can afford to participate

From creators to the people

Quantix enables creators to scale their communities by making their NFTs accessible, whilst improving liquidity and price discovery.

Built with a balanced incentive model for all users, Quantix regulates NFTs prices based on user demand.

Quantix supports everyone whilst rewarding users with QNTX tokens

The QNTX token is designed to build and reward an active community

Trading rewards

Sell or buy NFT and be rewarded in QNTX


Stake QNTX to earn a share of platform fees


Vote on proposals related to the future of the platform

Future development

Our roadmap will unlock further use cases for the token

Built up using the best